O Boticário

O Boticário is one of the most popular cosmetic companies in Brazil.

English: Finally something you can wear on a nudist beach.

English: A new fragrance for the Brazilian summer. In other words, for the 365 days of the year.

English: Live with your foot on the beach, without having to put it in the sand.

English: With Boticário's gifts you'll be the most expected person on Christmas Eve. And you won't even have to come through the chimney.

English: This Christmas you will feel like a child again. A child who didn't get a pair of socks, of course.

English: This Christmas you can become the matter of the family, but for the right reason.

English: Everyday women strive for an equal world for all. And some people still say that they are the fragile sex.
March 8th. International Women's Day.

English: You may think that woman's place is in the kitchen, but you can't think that you're right.
March 8th. International Women's Day.

English: In the old days the female vote was absurd. Thankfully, today the old days are absurd.
March 8th. International Women's Day.



Copy made for the student category of the largest Brazilian advertising festival.

English: When chasing for an internship, use your most powerful weapon: the idea.

English: Not every student trip takes you to Porto seguro. 

English: You get into the internship because you won an award. Then, you have to work hard to get out for the same reason.

English: Your student Id card helps you get into a lot of places. The agency is one of them.



English: Appreciate trips with your children. While they still want to travel with you.

English: The roller coasters are scary. No more than spending the holidays at home.

English: Our resorts are 5 stars, despite the rats.