Campaign made for the 2015 Pan American Games.

English: Maybe you've never seen me before. And probably you may still not be seeing me. I am fast. Even faster than problems. Faster, stronger, more focused, and that's how it's going to be in a few days in Toronto. The problems will stay behind. And I will be in the front. Right up in the front.

English: I took this thing of running after dreams seriously. I started running in football, than I ran in handball until I got to the athletics. After that the rush only increased. The more conquests came, more I ran. I ran behind a record. But an injury made me stop. Toronto's games are coming up and now it's time to go back. And I only know how to go back one way: running.

English: I was always the youngest, but it never diminished me. Since I was six I’ve learned to play like the big ones, and against them. The experience of my opponents have never intimidated me. And it won’t be in the America’s biggest competition that it will intimidate me. Because even being one of the youngest, I can be one of the greatest.